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(Crawford slammed the padd down onto his office desk causing several of his staff to look round to see what the noise was about. He put his hands on his hips and sighed audiably, he began pacing then stopped deciding to flop into his chair. One of his nurses entered the office but a look from him sent her scurrying away again.

Crawford was an eighth Andorian, you could hardly tell visibly but it sometimes came out in brief bursts of a temper in his otherwise calm and collected, and sometimes grumpy personality. He'd been on the Gorkon for 4 years and had just been promoted to Chief Medical Officer, his initial elation had turned sour when he'd discovered their new captain was a Klingon. He never used to have problems with Klingon's, he found them loud and smelly but the same could be said for many other people and species. The reason Crawford hated Klingon's was because he'd lost three in his family when the Klingon's briefly entered in war with the Federation just before the Dominion crisis, he knew it wasn't the fault of all Klingon's but he couldn't help the feelings of animoscity towards them. And now a Klingon was their captain.

After taking a deep breath Crawford sighed and did what had to be done. He reached across to his console and opened a channel to the Captain's ready room.)

Crawford: "Crawford to Captain K'larrg."

K'larrg: "This is K'larrg, speak doctor." (Crawford ground his teeth, he knew that for a Klingon K'larrg was being very polite, but he couldn't help the fresh feelings of anger welling up in him.)

Crawford: "Am available at your convienience sir, staff and facilities are at full capacity, I'll have the report to you by 0900 tomorrow."

K'larrg: "That is acceptable. I expect you in my ready room at 1900 hours today, I will have many questions so be prepared."

Crawford: "Yes. Sir." (K'larrg paused for a second his eyes scrutinising Crawford. Crawford tried to put on a more neutral face realising that his anger had seeped through into their conversation, he half expected K'larrg to shout at him. instead he simply nodded.)

K'larrg: "I look forward to our meeting, Commander." (The screen then went blank. Crawford realised that he'd been holding his breath for the last several seconds and so he let it out in a long exhale. The nurse he'd scared away sheeplishly appeared at his door again, feeling slightly bad for how he'd been rude to her before he beckoned her inside.)

Crawford: "Please come in nurse...?"

Elana: "Elana sir, I, I just came aboard."

Crawford: "Of course I've read your file, I apologise for my mood before, nothing to do with you, I'm not usually like this I promise." (He smiled and extended a hand, she shook it and look relieved.)

Elana: "I thought I'd done something wrong. My brother is also aboard, he said to expect a ship full of heroes with big expectations."

Crawford: "Your brother?"

Elana: "Harvaris Kusto, he's an engineer."

Crawford: "Ah yes I've met him once, when he came in for his physical, seems a nice young man. I can assure we're not all hereos, I've only just taken this post myself."

Elana: "Indeed, yes sir." (There was a pause.)

Crawford: "Can I do something for you?" (Elana fumbled with her padd for a moment then handed it to Crawford.)

Elana: "Requisition orders sir, for supplies and equipment." (Crawford frowned.)

Crawford: "As far as I understood it everything was in order."

Elana: "These orders came in earlier today, the Captain wanted additional supplies." (Crawford looked over the inventory feeling his anger rising again. It would take them days to get these supplies in, he'd have to make more space in medical storage for it all as well. Who did this Klingon b*****d think he was deciding what medical supplies they needed!? Elana was beginning to look nervous again seeing Crawford's face darken. Without taking his eyes off the padd Crawford said to Elana.)

Crawford: "Dismissed." (Elana left quickly leaving Crawford in his bad mood with his padd.)
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