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*USS Gorkon-Captain's Ready Room-Shortly After Jed's Post, Commdore Zardoz anmd K'larrg are rasing Klinogn Tankards full of Bloodwine*

K'larrg:"To success!! Long live the Federation, long live the alliance!"

Zardoz:"I'll drink to that."

*Both clang their tankrads before guzzling them down*

Zardoz:"Bloodwine is best when it's warm."

K'larrg:"You drink like a Klingon sir."

Zardoz:"High priase indeed, Captain. But I should be going. The Roddenberry is going ot depart soon."

K'larrg:"If I may ask sir, why did you give up command?"

Zardoz (A bit startled by the question):"I am sure by now you have heard of the Gorkon's missions under my command."

K'larrg:"I know what I have heard in the popular media sir. You and your crew came back as heroes, but then took this ship on a tour of the Federation, instead of going back out, or even retireing."

Zardoz:"Not my choice. Starfleet wanted us to be symbols. Let's just say, I got tired of making speeches, and being hailed as a hero."

K'larrg:"I fail to see how being the commnader of a training ship (The Roddenberry) is worthy of you, Commdore."

Zardoz:"This way, I, and many of my old crew, can shape the future of Starfleet, starting with cadets. We can now shape the future of the fleet, one cadet at a time."

K'larrg:"Thank you Commdore, I appricate your...."candidnes."

Zardoz:"Thank you for keeping this ship, and her legacy alive Captain, Q'plah!"

K'larrg:"Q'plah, sir."

*Zardoz leaves*

K'larrgTapping Commbadge)"K'larrg to Jeggins."

Jeggins (On Comm):"Here, sir."

K'larrg:"I require the ETA on running the test of the warp engines, and deflector array."

Jeggins:"I can get that to you...."

K'larrg(interrupting):"Please come to my ready room, and give them to me in person as soon as your duty permits, Commander."

Jeggins:"Understood sir, Jeggins out."
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