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*Engineering After Zardoz's Post*

Jeggins Sr: "That we did... I just wish your mother was here to see it."

Jeggins Jr: "She's be proud..." *Jed gets lost in thought for a moment he was twelve when he heard the news that the ship she was suddenly attacked and she was lost saving the ship from a warp core breach. Jr and Sr had begun working on the Mark 16 warp core that day. Part of the redunacy systems was a new release system that would automatically launch the warp core out of the ship should an emenant breach be detected.*

Jeggins Sr: "We met right here in this room..."

Jeggins Jr: "Yes I remember the story. *A smile came to their faces*

Jeggins Sr: "Well son I have to get back the Rodenberry, treat her well."

Jeggins Jr *Hugging his father* "I'll take care of her 'old man'."

*Jeggins Sr pauses and patted a bulkhead* "Treat her well and she'll take you any
where you want to go and always bring you home."

*After Jeggins Sr left Engineering Jr stepped to the Center of the Room and spoke to
his team.*

Jed "Alright everyone the show's over. I know Starfleet has given us the green light
but I want to double check all the systems as they said with NASA back in Earth
History. 'Give me a go no go for launch.'"

*Everyone went to their assigned stations to give final flight checks, and of course like
a well oiled machine everything checked out. While everyone was focused on their
screens Jed pulled a small silver object out his pocket and walked over to the warp
core house, he knelt down and ran his hand along the frame of the housing and then
places what he held on a smooth part of the housing. It was placard that read in
small letters 'In memory of' larger letters below it read 'Casey Jeggins'.*

*Jed stood back admiring the addition his eyes ran up the housing.* "For you mom."

*From behind him a someone spoke in a low voice.* "Nice addition sir."

*Jed turned to face a Bajoran* "Ah you must be Harvaris Kusto"

*Kusto Nods* "Yes sir, just wanted to say it'll be an honor serving with you. Your
family are legendary."

*Jed shakes his head* "We're just engineers."

*Kusto Laughs* "Modesisty? I hadn't expected that."

Jed: *Shrugs* "Its true. Just becuase Mom and Dad had some great adventures and
we've have some creative idea's doesn't make us any more than anyone else."

Kusto: "You.. aren't what I expected..."

Jed: "Im full of surprises."

Kusto: "Thats good to know. I just wanted to formally introduce my self I'll get back
to double checking some of the minor systems."

*Jed Nods and walks over to his main terminal and sits down at it*

Jed "Computer begin first Cheif Engineer Log: Authorization CCJ-1138."

*Jed starts his first report as cheif engineer his team doing checks of the system sending reports to him.*
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