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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
But did he get into the White House via pretending to be the guy outside of the establishment who brings fresh air into Washington and then he ended up with bringing many folks from the Clinton administration back?
My reaction was, well, why buy the actor when you can have the real thing? I think that Clinton would have been the far better choice because she is far less of an actor than Obama.

I can easily picture Obama pretending to be one of the folks around MLK and I can also easily picture him in a role as business executive.

But then again you are far closer to the issue than me so you naturally know more about it. I mainly follow the economic stuff and my impression was that Obama is pure pragmatist who does not have any convictions. First a bit of stimulus, than austerity and now that elections are nearing again a bit of stimulus. Seems like the very opposite of your favourite politician who is far more consistent.
Oh sure, he's full of it.

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