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*During Jed's Post*

K'larrg (Extanding hand in human fashion)"Welcome aboard Mr. Jeggins, you honor this ship with your service."

Jeggins (Shaking the oddly cool hand)"Thank you sir. May I assume my duites, sir?"

K'larrg:"By all means Lt. Commander. I belive your father is touring engineering."

Jeggins:"Thank you, sir."

*Jeggins walks away*

Zardoz:"A human handshake, intersting choice there Captain."

K'larrg:"Is that not human custom? I belived I prefomed it correctly, Commdore."

Zardoz (Laughing)"It is indeed Captain, and you preformed it admirably."

K'larrg:"I would be honored sir, if you joined me for for the traditional pre mission bloodwine salute to all warriors."

Zardoz:"No Captain, it is I that would be honored. Lead the way. Is the bloodwine warm?"

*Gorkon Engineering-The Elder Jed Jeggins is talking to a group of engineers, as the younger Jeggins enters.*

Jeggins Dad:"...and then we were in this alternate universe where the Borg....get this...were peaceful!!"

*This gets oohs and ahhs from the group*

Jed:"I hate to break this up, but I belive Captain Jeggins was on a tour?"

*The group snaps to attnetion, and moves off as Jed slips in with his Dad.*

Jeggins Dad:"Well, if it's not Starfleet's latest "miricale worker! You'd better takle care of this old girl, she's been through alot."

Jed:"This is almost not the ship you knew Dad. You've read the refit reports.'

Jeggins Dad:"Multiphasic Sheilds, Bio Nucleaic gel pack computer components, Trans modulating Phasers, and the new Mark 16 Warp core. Just making the best a little better."

Jed:"I know Dad, you invented most of them."

Jeggins Dad:"But seriously, this is your ship now. I know a Captain runs the bridge, but it's us engineers who really run the ship."

Jed:"I know. This isn't my first posting you know."

Jeggins Dad:"I am sorry we were lost for so long, it wasn't like I had a choice that we were stuck in an alternate universe for 6 years."

Jed:"That didn't bother me Dad, I understood that. It was the two years after you got back before you even tried contacting my sister, and myself.

Jeggins Dad:"But you know what a circus it was when we brought the Gorkon back. Starfleet parading us around, the medals, the speaking engagements."

Jed:"Last time I checked, the comm channels still worked. Or, were you just too "busy?"

Jeggins Dad:"Ok, I f**ked up. I got back to find out your mother had died, and that hurt so deeply Jed. Seeing you, and your sister would have just made it worse.

Jed:"Maybe we could have got through it togeter as a family, but you didn't allow us the chance."

Jeggins Dad:"Ok, you're right. But I am here now, trying to make it better."

Jed (realizing):"You!! You were the reason I got this post!! I should have known."

Jeggins Dad:"No, you were qualified. I may have whispered in a couple of ears, but I did not "pull strings" top get you this assigment. Captain K'larrg spent several years as Picard's XO, and he does not play politics when it comes to crew."

Jed:"Alright, maybe I overreacted."

Jeggins Dad:"I know I haven't been the best parent since I returned. But, why not give your "old man" a second chance?"

Jed:"Ok. Why don't we go check out the Dilithium matrix settings? I have a few ideas that imporve on your concepts for tit."

Jeggins Dad (Smiling):"That, I'd love to hear!"
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