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*Jed Jeggins Jr. he had huge shoes to fill being the son of one Starfleets greats engineering minds. Some felt that Jed Jr. was a brighter mind then even his father. Jed how ever disagreed, it seemed like poetic Justice that Jed Jr was assigned to work on the Gorkon. His father had been assigned to a ship with the same name. With all the upgrades and changes this wasn't his father's ship.
The Shuttle approached the ship Jed always liked to take the shuttles to his ships first to see the exteriors of them once on board he didn't get to see them as much. Galaxy Class, a beautiful design been in commission for years. Jed had read up on his new Captain, K'larrg. The first Klingon captian in Starfleet. This was going to be an interesting tour of duty. Jed was sent to the this mission to over see his new shield technology he and his father had designed. The Encycling sheilding as they called it was based on borg technology. Jed held the rank of commander in Starfleet, how ever Jed wasn't sure whether he would be serving as the First officer or Cheif Engineer his primary order from starfleet were to over see the sheilds on their first outing, they weren't clear on his official title, and he almost didn't care. First officer was a honor he was a capable commander but, like his father the engine room was his favorite place to be.
The Shuttle landed in the main shuttle bay. Jed stood and walked out over to the wall, and tapped up the computer.
Jeggins: "Computer location Captian K'larrg."
Computer: [Captain K'larrg is currently on Turbo lift 1 heading for deck 2.]
*Jed started toward the indicated location for the captain. Moments later he was walking down a hall way on Deck 2 looking for the Captain. He saw him talking with Commodore Zardoz. Jed paused at the hallway as to not interuppt their conversation.*
Zardoz: "... can see there are a lot of modifications. She's hardley feels like my old ship... Who is this we have here... Jeggins? Jed Jeggins?"
*Jed Nodded* Yes sir.
*Zardoz looks at Jed Closer studying him.*
Zardoz: "You have your mother's eyes..."
Jed: "Thank you?"
Zardoz: "Yes its a compliment."
K'larrg: "Ah this is the son of Jeggins your famous Engineer."
Jed "Reporting for duty, Sir."
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