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Originally Posted by Pauln6 View Post
So just to check again - 20% of people think it is just a rehash of the original story, 20% think they are trying to re-write Trek history i.e. it's not 'just' a rehash, 20% dislike the fact that the only stories coming out are in comic format and that's just not good enough, 20% like it but want original stories instead of/as well as, and 20% liked it enough for the issue to sell out.

It looks like they've covered all the bases. I want them to 'rewrite' the stories (it's an alternate timeline so they cannot rewrite history) and modernise them without the sexism of the sixties and with more aliens. They have a long way to go before they get anywhere near what I want but I'm looking forward to some more issues.
I don't doubt there is an audience for J.J. Abrams' style of Trek moviemaking, these "What-If" comics, and the juevenile romance/mystery novelizations that have come out, but I'm just not included among those audience members that look forward to a dumbed down, sci-fi diluted, minimalist rendition of Trek that is packaged for mass consumption.

Pauln6, I don't understand how JTrek is any less sexist than 60s TOS Trek with Alt-verse Uhura wearing a miniskirt, reminiscient of the 60s-era fashion, and Alt-verse Kirk treating women as sex objects. If you want a modern non-sexist approach to women in Trek you have to go to TNG/Berman-era Trek.
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