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*Utopia Planita Spacedock in orbot above Mars, observatrion deck 27*

*Captain K'larrg, loooked out at the new command that awited him. The crew still working feversihly replacing defelctor dish parts, and soem hull plating.

The new pip on his collar still seemed strange as he saw his vague refection in the transparent aluminum. His metallic Klingon sash crossing the black, grey, and red unform of Starfleet made him stick out almost as much as Klingon ridges on his forehead. His long dark hair, milidly streaked with grey was fasioned into a tight warrior's braid that ended at his waist.

His 15 years in Starfleet had been intersting ones. Only the second Klingon to join Starfleet, he had left the Klingon Defence Force originally as part of an exchange program between the Klingons and Starfleet. When the Dominon war broke out, he had chosen to remain with Starfleet, since so mnay of it's valiant warriors had persihed so easily at the hands of the cowardly Dominon.

He had accepted a Commsion of Lt Comnader, and second officer, on the USS Ambassador, and old Ambassador class starship, but at the Battle of Betazed, both Captain Marcus, and first officer, Commander Andrews persihed when a Jem'Hadar torpedo destoryed the bidge.

K'larrg took command of the Ambassador, and using the battle bridge had driven back two Jem'Hadar ships, and destoryed a third.

Starfleet gave him a commendation, a medal, and a promotion to full commader.

Until 4 weeks ago, he had been First Officer in the USS Enterprise-E, until Captain Picard had annouced his retirement from Starfleet due to being offered the position of Starfleet Ambasador to the Federation Council.

While K'larrg had been happy for his Captain, he knew he would miss serving with a Commander who truely knew what the Klingon way was like, but could temper it with his own brand of cunning, and insight.

K'larrg had learned much in those years. Picard had hoped K'larrg would remain with the Enterprise, but Starfleet had other plans.

Starfleet had offered him Command of the USS Gorkon, who's Captain, Captain Zardoz was being promoted to Commdore. Starfleet knew it had a good commander, and as a PR to show diversity in the fleet, espeically to the Klinong allies, was a feather in Starfleet's cap.*

Captain K'larrg:"This will be a most difficult challenge."

Picard:"Often Captain K'larrg, the most difficult challenges have the biggest rewards."

*K'larrg whirled around to see his old commander, no longer in a Starfleet uniform, but Ambassadorial robes befitting his new postion.*

Captain K'larrg:"Captain, this is most.....unexpected suprise."

Picard:"Acutally, it's "Ambassador" now. But how about for now you call me Jean Luc?"

Captain K'larrg:"You commaded one of these ships Galaxy Class ships did you not, Jean Luc?"

Piacrd:"For seven years, a great ship, that went far too soon, K'larrg. But with all the upgrades I read about, this will hardly be like my old ship."

Captain K'larrg:"Speaking of Enterprises, what will become of the Enterprise-E?"

Picard:"Oddly enough, she'll be having a "homecoming" of sorts. Captain Data wil be assuming command."

Captain K'larrg:"I was under the impression Captain Data had no desire to return to active space duty after his....."reintergration" years ago."

Picard:"I was equally as suprised K'larrg, being the Academy Commandant had it's "perks." But, what I came to say was good luck on your new command, and always remember to "see what's out there."

*Picard offered his arm in the tradtional Klingon arm embrabce, a gesture that was not lost on K'larrg, who returned the offered arm with gusto*

Captain K'larrg:"I am honored sir. I too wish you success with your career path."

*Commdore Zardoz enters the now cramped observation area*

Zardoz:"Am I interupting?"

Picard:"I was just leaving Commdore."

Zardoz:"Nice to see you, Ambassador Picard."

Picadr:"Likewise, commdore."

*Picard leaves*

Captain K'larrg:"Commdore Zardoz."

Zardoz:"Captain K'larrg, how's the "old girl" shaping up?"

Captain K'larrg:"The Gorkon will launch on schedule, as the last technical report stated Commdore."

Zardoz:"Good to know she is in safe hands Captain K'larrg."

Captain K'larrg:"Permission to speak freely Commdore?"


Captain K'larrg:"Why did you reccomend me for this Command? There wer far more qualified canadates."

Zardoz:"Captain K'larrg, being a Starship Captain requires more than glowing reviews, and Academy taught ideas. It requires someone who can think on their own, or as humans say "outside the box." It's not a skill that can be taught, you have it, or you don't. And you Captain K'larrg, have that. being alive for 400 years has it's advantages."

Captain K'larrg:"I see Commdore. There are those who say it was politcally motivaed."

Zardoz:"Trust me Captain K'larrg, you EARNED this command."

Captain K'larrg:"Thank you for your candidness, sir."

Zardoz:"I knew I chose well. How about a tour of the Grokon?"

Captain K'larrg:"I would be honroed sir."
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