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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
Well there was that "it will be one of the four" list of familiar characters/things mentioned a while back, when it was believed the script was in a more developed stage than it is. I don't recall who was on the list, although I want to say Gary Mitchel and the Gorn were among them? Which I think could work, as long as they weren't major characters. It's hard to imagine the Gorn as a primary antagonist without recreating 'Arena'.
I can remember three of them - The Horta, The Talosians and Gary Mitchell. The fourth might have been a Gorn. But that was so long ago now that even though it was claimed as definitive by reports at the time that one of them was definitely 'the villain' I'd imagine it was too long ago now to be true.

The DM I think would be a huge mistake, because it would essentially become the central plot of the movie. It would be hard to keep a planet-swallowing device in the background. And the Guardian would imply yet another time-travel story. I'm not able to think offhand what the BB is, sorry.
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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
I don't usually follow comic books, so I don't even know what tie-ins ST has produced in the past. However it seems to me TNG, of all series, had a published cross-over with the X-Men of all things? All I can figure is, maybe it was after Stewart was cast in the movies.
Seriously? With The X-Men?

Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
Or as car-crash guy called it, 'Star Trek: Th-th-the...Er...Star Trek'

Didn't someone on the other forum cite the name of the movie as being, like, reason #67 (or something) for why it 'supposedly' sucked? I don't think it was Zim; might've been Trekbuff or somebody. I didn't think at the time to ask him to elaborate.
I think it may have been Trekbuff - I think he felt the film should have had a subtitle along the lines of 'A New Beginning' (which surely would have invited more Star Wars comparisons anyway ) or 'The Future Begins'. Something along those lines. And (I'm not 100% sure but I seem to have this remembrance that) it was to differentiate it from the presumptiveness of them using the straightforward term 'Star Trek'.

Not that I ultimately took half of the contents of those '100 reasons lists' seriously anyway. When you started to get to stuff like 'Lens flares' (just because they existed, apparently) and 'Kirk was BORN in Iowa, not on a starship' (nope, that was never what he said in TVH) sorta stuff I began tuning it all out. Most of them were inevitably subjective to the author anyway.

Though I think in some foreign markets (but not the UK anyway) there was a subtitle attached to the film. I'd need to look up what it was though.
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