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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
In precisely what way is a mainstream movie that appeals to a lot of people risky? It's the safest type of movie to produce.
Again, it was in that the movie could've potentially alienated ALL Trek fans with its approach. could very well have fallen into the a very real-world trap we've seen parodies of (Geekish uber-Trek fans claiming the movie was too fun, and lacked the long-winded, heady dialogue, and such....or best yet, the Angry Trek fan parody that we've seen on YouTube, you know, the guy who parodied chewing out J.J. Abrams from his mom's basement)

And thankfully, it didn't.

Originally Posted by horatio
I don't like movies that are watered-down in order to appeal to everybody. I know that my essentialistic crap becomes boring but I want Trek to taste like Trek. A sci-fi flick should have a distinctive sci-fi flavour and not be tailored to the taste of the average guy.
This doesn't just hold for sci-fi or Trek but all art. You don't turn down the volume of your rock band in order to attract seniors, do you?

And no, my argument has nothing to do with the popularity of Trek per se. I find it great when Trek is popular unless this very popularity is caused by watering and dumbing down.
I didn't find anything dumbed down about the movie at all. And it certainly tasted like Trek, and a fine steak dinner it was.

And it's these kinds of debates that ultimately end up in the whole "I'm more Trek fan than thou." category. Not saying that you're going there, friend horatio, but it does happen. It's happened on this board on multiple occasions.

And that's what sickens me about fandom.

But more to the point, it is indeed a circular argument for which there is apparently no resolution, no reconciliation. Folks are going to think what they're going to think, and are not likely to change their minds if they're set in their ways.

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