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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
There is nothing wrong with using familiar ingredients in TV Trek as long as they are not used for the sake of themselves. ENT's fourth season set the benchmark for how to make a point with weaving things together, e.g. the Klingons and the Augments.
From what I've seen of S4, I think it leans a little far toward using familiar ingredients for the sake of themselves. As if overcompensating for Berman Trek's prior tendency to ignore much of TOS (which in itself has always been more of a fascination for me than an annoyance). I still don't see quite what weaving together Klingons and Augments achieves besides giving the Klingons human-shaped foreheads (so much for "We do not discuss it with outsiders").

But movies are hardly a suitable place to delve into such issues, remaking TWOK/NEM ad infinitum is becoming tiresome and blunt story repetitions like in the case of these comics (there is really an audience for this crap, there are really people who buy comics of TV episodes?) are simply pathetic.
Are you familiar with the TOS novelizations by James Blish? Or the 'Log' books by Alan Deen Foster for that matter? Speaking of which, I wonder what I did with mine.

I don't usually follow comic books, so I don't even know what tie-ins ST has produced in the past. However it seems to me TNG, of all series, had a published cross-over with the X-Men of all things? All I can figure is, maybe it was after Stewart was cast in the movies.

Despite the reboot the franchise is still too obsessed with its past which wouldn't be a bad thing if this were a productive force like in 2004 and 2005.
But as mere fanwank is hardly productive the franchise needs another Meyer, somebody who isn't afraid to piss people in their faces. As such a figure is antithetical to Paramount's current business strategy concerning Trek the question becomes whether the next small screen Trek incarnation will be contaminated by the blockbusters of the next years.
I humbly think the jury's still out on this one. The movie seemed fairly productive to me.

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