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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Personally, I wouldn't go around remaking episodes in a direct literal fashion. On the other hand, it's possible that some things could be utilised in a manner that gives them a different bent while still showing up.

I don't know which ones exactly, probably the Salt Vampire isn't going to appear! But stuff like the DM, Talosians, BB, The Guardian (i.e the bigger guns of famous episodes) etc could still be fertile for something that could support or appear in a film.
Well there was that "it will be one of the four" list of familiar characters/things mentioned a while back, when it was believed the script was in a more developed stage than it is. I don't recall who was on the list, although I want to say Gary Mitchel and the Gorn were among them? Which I think could work, as long as they weren't major characters. It's hard to imagine the Gorn as a primary antagonist without recreating 'Arena'.

But casual appearances like "the green Orion slave girls becomes liberated and enrolls in the Academy" are sort of expected from a reboot like this, and I'm cool with them.

The DM I think would be a huge mistake, because it would essentially become the central plot of the movie. It would be hard to keep a planet-swallowing device in the background. And the Guardian would imply yet another time-travel story. I'm not able to think offhand what the BB is, sorry.

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