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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
I just think it would be a total waste to base a movie off of one of the established adventures. You're already spending $150 million to make the picture, and you're (likely) only directing/producing three movies anyway. Would you waste that if you were JJ? I wouldn't.
Personally, I wouldn't go around remaking episodes in a direct literal fashion. On the other hand, it's possible that some things could be utilised in a manner that gives them a different bent while still showing up.

I don't know which ones exactly, probably the Salt Vampire isn't going to appear! But stuff like the DM, Talosians, BB, The Guardian (i.e the bigger guns of famous episodes) etc could still be fertile for something that could support or appear in a film.

I don't think I would use them myself..........but I'm not doing the flick.

I see this comic series as providing an outlet for that kind of AU speculation regarding those stories, but in a way that doesn't involve wasting a whole feature film on that. In other words, I take this as further reassurance that the next movie won't be that.
Seems a reasonable theory.

I guess when specifics start to emerge about the sequel, we'll know.
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