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Originally Posted by Pauln6 View Post
Issue 4 is the the Gallileo 7 so it does look as though they may be picking the stories quite carefully.
Okay, good. They're not just going to continue onto 'The Corbomite Maneuver' and proceed systematically then. And three issues per episode sounds more manageable than four. This is promising.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
This isn't however, to my reading anyway, some kind of definitive statement of what's happening in the sequel. It doesn't even directly say it's in this game (anyone played it to find out?). This seems to be him saying pretty much what everyone else is wondering whilst simultaneously asking for 'new' stories (myself included), which is really just the question of how might some of the things that we saw happen in TOS pan out in the new timline. Since they are (mostly) all still out there in the new timeline as well, we can surmise. I don't see why they wouldn't.

Might that inform future films? Yep. But it's no guarantee they will either.
I just think it would be a total waste to base a movie off of one of the established adventures. You're already spending $150 million to make the picture, and you're (likely) only directing/producing three movies anyway. Would you waste that if you were JJ? I wouldn't.

I see this comic series as providing an outlet for that kind of AU speculation regarding those stories, but in a way that doesn't involve wasting a whole feature film on that. In other words, I take this as further reassurance that the next movie won't be that.

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