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Originally Posted by Pauln6 View Post
Issue 4 is the the Gallileo 7 so it does look as though they may be picking the stories quite carefully.

Dr Dehner's absence is troubling. Now in both the movie and this comic, female characters have been retconned into insignificance or oblivion (Number One, T'Pau, Chapel, Rand, Amanda, Dehner) and yet additional male characters have been introduced (Chekov, Keenser, Kelso, Mitchell). If Dehner isn't on board, why not use a different established psychiatrist like Helen Noel and start to build up a recurring guest cast (with more options for meaningful deaths)? And where are all the women generally? The show was originally set in the sixties but the Butterfly Effect means that they are not bound by those sexist traditions.
Or even introduce...
Dr. (Carol) Markus. I know that she is a bio engineer in STII, but here, just starting out, she could add some novice/intern expertise on human/environmental genetics.

Nurse Chapel, only in this universe, she is working on her doctorate and has something more than a nurse's role to offer.

Yeoman Rand? She could play a significant part in this universe, possibly an early counterpart to TY's character in TNG. Someone more than Kirk's fascination or just a transporter tech as played in TMP.

As for Keenser? He will probably never have enough time, movie-wise to become a significant character that has a major role. However, maybe he, as a character, could become expendable? Saving the ship/Scotty?

Mitchell? If the comic follows TOS enough, then he is about to become the protagonist and later a dead one. Kirk's personal KM? A conflict or a sacrifice of GM that he, Kirk, looses on an emotional level, though the ship and crew are saved? A throwback to WNMHGB and TWOK.

Kelso? Give him something more heroic, if he must die, than a simple noose around the neck after his original character's scavenging the correct parts for the Enterprise's repair.

Plenty of death potential in those 3 characters...

Just throwing my thoughts out there, but there are others who have just as good ideas of their own to share...It's all constructive...
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