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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
Comic follows Act One of the episode VERY closely so far, but with an AU 'spin' on the circumstances. Dr. Dehner is indeed absent, and in a way that makes total sense (think of who all wasn't in the second pilot). It's interesting to watch the crew's AU counterparts make most of the same decisions that almost doomed them in this chapter from the original timeline.

I'm guessing these will all be four-issue installments, since the original episodes followed a four-act structure. If they really intend to give every episode this treatment (do they?), this is going to turn into a microcosm world of improbable circumstances pretty fast (not unlike the Mirror Universe).
Issue 4 is the the Gallileo 7 so it does look as though they may be picking the stories quite carefully.

Dr Dehner's absence is troubling. Now in both the movie and this comic, female characters have been retconned into insignificance or oblivion (Number One, T'Pau, Chapel, Rand, Amanda, Dehner) and yet additional male characters have been introduced (Chekov, Keenser, Kelso, Mitchell). If Dehner isn't on board, why not use a different established psychiatrist like Helen Noel and start to build up a recurring guest cast (with more options for meaningful deaths)? And where are all the women generally? The show was originally set in the sixties but the Butterfly Effect means that they are not bound by those sexist traditions.
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