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Originally Posted by chator View Post
Doubtful. Orci is a creative consultant on the series, meaning, that nothing will be done in the comic that will contradict or conflict with the direction the sequel will take. However, this comic might be some indication of what we will be getting in the sequel, mainly a re-hash of old episode storylines and characters recast in Abramsverse. Orci said in an interview a few months back that the Abramsverse Star Trek videogame coming out in 2012, that deals with the Doomsday device, ties-in with the upcoming sequel.
Indeed. Their movie was a remake of NEM, their comics had a fanwank factor that makes ENT's fourth season look timid in comparison and now they actually repeat old episodes in comics.
Add the half-assed nature of the reboot and it becomes obvious that these writers lack new ideas and play it hyper-safe. As they get away with it I can't say I blame them.
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