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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
Probably about the same. The movie is a wide release, they won't give the comic much consideration. If there is something they want to do that will conflict with the comic, they'll do it and not give it a second thought. If anything, from a continuity standpoint it might even be a worse transition. The first Countdown comics were a marketing tactic tied to the film.
Having just walked across the street, picked this up and read it, I'm inclined to agree.

I think I know what this is. It's for all those fans yammering for Abramsverse remakes of their favorite episodes ("Hey, will Khan be in the next movie?"). You wanted it, you got it fanboys. And the best part is, we're not wasting lots of money and a potentially good follow-up movie bringing it to you.

Comic follows Act One of the episode VERY closely so far, but with an AU 'spin' on the circumstances. Dr. Dehner is indeed absent, and in a way that makes total sense (think of who all wasn't in the second pilot). It's interesting to watch the crew's AU counterparts make most of the same decisions that almost doomed them in this chapter from the original timeline.

I'm guessing these will all be four-issue installments, since the original episodes followed a four-act structure. If they really intend to give every episode this treatment (do they?), this is going to turn into a microcosm world of improbable circumstances pretty fast (not unlike the Mirror Universe).

My thinking is, you therefore want to keep these separate from the films as much as possible. Think of them as almost a 'subcanon' extension of the main movie canon, not unlike Countdown. Future films might get away with wink-wink references to these adventures in casual dialogue (much like how The Hobbit was referenced in the LOTR movies), and old-school Trekkies will get them regardless of their level of commitment... with these comics explaining exactly how said adventures tie into the AU, for those who are 'really' interested. (Most of the ST 'Supreme Courts' that have existed over the years regarded much of TOS to be sort of unofficially apocryphal anyway. And this comic alone reminds me of what a strange episode 'Where No Man...' was).

Myself, I'm mostly impressed with how in-character this comic was with the characters as they were portrayed in ST09. It really does seem like a direct continuation. And while I think doing 'every' episode would be overkill, I'll be looking forward to 'Amok Time'.

Despite reservations, I think I'll actually follow this. It's the franchise thing to do, sucka.

PS: Refresh my memory, what other ST09 'tie-in' comics were made after Countdown? I know I've asked this before, got the answer, but failed to act on it at the time. Like wasn't there a 'Spock' series and a 'Nero' series, and perhaps something else as well?

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