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Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post

This RPG takes place 8 years after the events seen in Star Trek-Nemesis.
The Gorkon has been refitted at Utopia Planita Shipyards on Mars after it's last 5 year mission to the Gamma Quadrent mapping previously unknown systems.
A new crew takes Command of the Gorkon, and it's new mision to open diplomatic relations with the Dominon, in the Gamma Quadrent.
I will be playing the role of Captain K'larrg, the first Klingon to ever Captain a Federation Starship.

We have openings for the following postions (First Come, First Get):

First Officer
Second Officer
Tatical Officer
Security Officer
Science Officer
Transporter Offcier
Chief Engineer
Chief Medical Officer
Shuttle Deck Officer

(Or any other postions you might like that are not listed here.)

We can post backgrounds on our charaters here as we get started.
Kewww-wwwell Ship...Would like to play, but I have two left feet when it comes to these type of games....... .......unless you have a role for someone who can cause havoc just by standing in the wrong place at the right time.
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