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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
But entertainment can and should be different than the real world. Just take the whole superhero genre, it is utterly unrealistic but it is not worthless because if this. Somebody has to say it, American pop culture, at least this part of it, can easily compete with stuff that superficially seems less trashy.
It's not worthless but it depends on what you're in the mood for on a given day. Which I know I never can predict.

If I watch something with said simplicity (like some Star Trek, say) it's often a fleeting flash of comfort. It's a momentary...........'that would be where's something that has a whiff of reality about it'. That's not to devalue it, but it depends what day it is I'm watching. The irony is that you can get more depth and meaning out of something that isn't reliant on idealised versions.

Nu-BSG hit home precisely because it was a reflection of us today...........not because it showed an idealised construct of the future that anyone can create if they want to. It was often as bleak as hell because of that, but yet found great moments within it also.

What I wanted to say is that Trek is not on the very opposite of this. It's not a show life Firefly with sympathetic folks who gotta muddle through somehow, it's a show which features "the best of the best of the best".
Oh God, oh God....................... I can't stand that movie. I want you to go to bed tonight and think very carefully about what you did making me watch that.

However, I find 'best of the best' very dull. They're way less interesting characters.

They can and should mess up, face dilemmas but they should never ever be wicked.
Probably subjective..................I don't see wickedness. But if you want to see wickedness.......just link to more MiB.

By the way, I'd be interested in a non-Starfleet setting like a colony or a trade ship precisely because the characters would not be subject to Starfleet principles.
That would probably be a problem for some fans as well. You cannae win 'em aw!
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