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Trek hasn't been a cash cow before ST09, the budgets and target audience speak for themselves.

I am not against action per se (gee, like you folks I am a guy), I actually liked it quite a lot when e.g. ENT went for more action during its third season.
I am against action that comes at the cost of losing substance. This doesn't mean that the story has to be super-smart or technobabble-saturated or whatever. It merely means that there should be a decent story that feels a bit like sci-fi. Action in space is not automatically science-fiction.

I am not in favour of the other extreme, dry, talky sci-fi. TMP is a sleep pill. All I am arguing for is more balance ... and given the success of balanced movies like TWOK or FC I dare say that at least once my crazy opinion is mainstream compatible. By the way, a short inspection of these two movies reveals that things like thrill or surprise value are ingredients that make action work all the better.
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