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Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
Trek is all things to all people.
In the end you only enjoy it for yourself—not for others.
I'll see it regardless of the storyline—good, bad or ugly reviews.
Kevin, I applaud your eloquence.
Omegaman, I applaud your succinctness.
And Martok, I applaud am Martok! Gaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

To put a little more balance into the insight....
I'm sure that for those that this Star Trek film has disappointed, it was very much like how Star Trek The Motion Picture was for those whom it disappointed...

A promising beginning that turns out being the best 10 minutes of the movie....everything that followed was just not up to snuff.

For ST:TMP the complaints were:
1. Stiff, wooden characters that apparently were shadows of their TV series selves.
2. Overblown, overlong visual effects sequences that lasted for too long, juxtaposed against too many looks of awe and amazement on the crew during the V'ger travel sequence.

Of course, I loved ST: TMP. The first ten minutes were indeed the best, but to me, the story did not diminish sharply from there. It was great seeing my heroes up on the big screen, seeing the Enterprise refit and up on the big screen...and I dug the story. And I was only ten years old. When it came out on VHS, I was down at the local library every Saturday afternoon for about twelve weeks, reserving time in the media room just to watch Star Trek The Motion Picture. (It was the only sci-fi movie they had at the time. Shortly after that, they'd gotten TRON and Star Wars....but it was understandable why they were so slow in getting such VHS movies back then were around $100-$110 dollars to purchase.)

Even to this day, ST: TMP holds up quite well for me. It held up considerably when the Director's Edition DVD was released, and it holds up even more immensely on Blu-Ray.

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