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It is a fact that ST09 emphasized action and effects more than traditional sci-fi and Trek ingredients. You have pointed out that the latter are not a matter of money but of skill and will.
Whether this change of Trek is great or horrible is a matter of taste, to my surprise most fans seem to like it.
Whether this change will be lasting is a matter of forecasting. Given the success of the first movie, the unchanged cash cow strategy of Paramount and the continuing contribution of writers who write anything but conventional sci-fi I expect more of the same.
I don't think that arguments along the lines of "look, they were so busy with setting up everything in the first movie and now they can do the real thing" are valid. First, the writers have claimed that they have given all the got when they wrote the first one, second, what the fu*k does reboot/setup have to do with the hyper-actionization of the franchise? It wasn't a matter of necessity but of choice.

And our choice is whether we wanna watch BlockbusterTrek or not. I personally won't watch anymore of it, I hope that it doesn't contaminate the future of Trek and I wish all the folks who watch the next movie a great time at the theatres.
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