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Originally Posted by kevin View Post

In the fictionalised world of Trek, the United Earth came about in the wake of the discovery that humans were not alone in the universe they had to sort themselves out. The incentive was there to do so. And that's about the only thing that really brings people together on the sort of scale required to put aside partisanship and all the other crap that clogs up development.

A common vision.
That is a very good point. And that world had it's wake up call to with World War III and a nuclear holocaust which destroyed many of these Eastern Governments that persecuted their people rather than rule justly.

On the microlevel this doesn't mean that everyone loves everyone else, everyone gets along brilliantly and people don't still have their own disagreements and problems (be it an uncle you don't like, a father who dumps you because he can't handle it............whatever) because you still have billions of individuals on the planet who have their own lives and issues to work with.
It seems that the government is now better suited to allow us to have those issues without cost to an appropriate standard or living. I believe that has to do with cost of power becoming negligible.

Be it because of religion, political differences, economic outlook..............could be anything of a hundred different things. So, maybe they as a group left Earth (not expelled by Earth, but left of their own volition) and established a colony where they could build a society that suited them. Different from the Earth that was moving forward in a way they disagreed with and had the majority with it, leaving them more in the minority?
And many others that Kirk ran into that were both human but somehow got to the far reaches of space ahead of the Enterprise. They had versions of the US...Roman Native American and other civilizations... And It kinda said there was enough room in the galaxy for everyone...


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