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Originally Posted by Livingston View Post
Maybe I'm too much of a pessimist.
I don't think it's pessimism.................but the world hasn't and isn't progressing at the same rate for everyone in it and in every part of it. That's less likely to alter IMO anytime soon.

For all the 'progress' made in the Western section of the World, it's still very different elsewhere. Sure, in general, in the West homosexuality is not the same issue it was 50, 60 years ago..............but in other parts of the world people are still beaten to death for it and live in fear of their sexuality being known openly.

It still even happens in the West not that unfrequently really.

In the fictionalised world of Trek, the United Earth came about in the wake of the discovery that humans were not alone in the universe they had to sort themselves out. The incentive was there to do so. And that's about the only thing that really brings people together on the sort of scale required to put aside partisanship and all the other crap that clogs up development.

A common vision.

Troi herself sold this vision to Cochrane in First Contact in order to get him to do what the Enterprise needed him to do. Now, I'm not going to ignore the fact that two out of the three things she listed as being gone ('War......poverty......disease') actually didn't go anywhere at all - I'm not saying she lied strictly, but she needed to incentivise him to move his *** and get in Warp gear, so she did what was needed all within the general idea that his actions would still start to make things better generally - but it returns to the idea of common goals.

On the microlevel this doesn't mean that everyone loves everyone else, everyone gets along brilliantly and people don't still have their own disagreements and problems (be it an uncle you don't like, a father who dumps you because he can't handle it............whatever) because you still have billions of individuals on the planet who have their own lives and issues to work with.

But what if, say, around the time of United Earth and it's creation you had groups of people who didn't want to take that ride?

Be it because of religion, political differences, economic outlook..............could be anything of a hundred different things. So, maybe they as a group left Earth (not expelled by Earth, but left of their own volition) and established a colony where they could build a society that suited them. Different from the Earth that was moving forward in a way they disagreed with and had the majority with it, leaving them more in the minority?

And then what if a story was developed around that?

I think you could maybe construct something on that basis, because we know that over the couple hundred centuries before Starfleet and the Federation became what we as viewers know it as, there were lots of exoduses from Earth to set out and build new worlds. Some forced (like Khan on the Botany Bay in 'Space Seed') and some voluntary (like the Mariposa in 'Up The Long Ladder').

It wouldn't be without precedent.
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