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Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
Man, there is some great reading in the replies on the original link…

Seems like everyone who paid money to see the movie actually hate or dislike (some elements) of it, but are ready to see the next one regardless, just so they can enjoy it and then complain about something else… which is their right of course… even if its a tad illogical…
Fans like to complain, it's their favourite past-time!

But there's little illogical about it. It's par for the course that they will do so and then dutifully turn up for the next one (if only so they can then come home and complain about it as well), but even in the larger sense of Trek it isn't a surprise. Or even illogical.

Trek has never been consistently excellent or even on a long upward curve over it's life. You get a good film, then they follow it with a less good one, or even a stinker (your opinion may vary etc, etc). Same with the episodes of a weekly TV series.

The veer wildly between laughable and timeless. Sometimes in the same episode.

That said, I really don't think they should be pandering to all of the criticism from all and sundry. Especially this engineering nonsense. They've made their changes, they should stick to them now.
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