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Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
There was no nudity but that is the only time I can remember in Star Trek that two characters had intercourse on screen. Every other time it was only implied. For some reason Saquist has implied that if this new Star Trek series has a gay main character that there would be more intercourse in the series, I'm curious why he believes this.
We have no idea what a new Trek series might be like. It wouldn't necessarily follow the same ethic as Trek series in the Berman/TNG era, where sex was only implied, not shown.

A movie has much more liberty to be sexually explicit, but we rarely got any sex scenes in Trek movies. Even in Abrams' Trek the most we got was a bedroom scene between Orion Starfleet girl and Kirk 2.0. Abrams' quote implies he would not be keen on a heavy on-screen romance between two gay characters. It seems the only romance fans are interested in seeing in Trek XII, would be a continuation of the Spock/Uhura thing.
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