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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Lots of effects in first season could use a serious touch up.
Since they would presumably be creating most of the effects from scratch, I don't imagine that would be a serious problem while still sticking as close to the original shots as possible.

However, lets keep in mind that new effects, while more suitable for HD, wouldn't (necessarily) 'look' better, or even as good, as the existing effects. The TOS-R project for example was 50/50. On one hand, there's little denying that the heavy grain and compositing artifacts alone would by most accounts make the original TOS effects unsuitable for HD resolution (hence the newer effects). On the other, a lot of the TOS-R effects are greatly lacking in texture, and in many instances the original effects may be preferable, warts and all. Daren Dotcherman may claim that this was because CBS Digital never fully refined their technique, however it's likely that shortness of time and budget was also a HUGE factor. There's no reason to suspect it will be any different with TNG.

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