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Default STII TWOK Score

I re-stumbled upon this non-verbal, score-only overlay for the chase and battle in the Mutara Nebula.

This whole passage and other parts of the score not heard here, but this evening replayed on my stereo, literally made me feel like I was back in the theater some 30 odd years ago. I though about how well the music went with and shaped the story. Best ST score and best use of score in any of the ST movies.
Maybe that is part of what made this particular movie so great, a classic (human) story told by the music. This clip speaks volumes to me that mere dialogue could not express alone.

I really wish that since the next movie is not going to be released soon, that someone would have the courage/guts to re-release this movie as if it were a first-run movie, that is, in a wide re-release. Give people a view of ST not seen as such for too long.
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