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Originally Posted by chator View Post
Star Trek TOS was very much a product of its time; the space race, civil rights, the cold war. Roddenberry's idealistic vision of the future involved humans working together in space, not divided along national or racial boundaries. Gays and gay rights were not so much in the public conscience then as now, so not too surprising there was no gay character included.

Fast forward to the Berman/TNG era of Trek. This was basically a family show, a PG-13 space opera, where characters' sexual lives took a backseat to an anomoly in space. Captains were ascetic, unlike the sexually liberated Kirk. Characters would have to go on vacation to sex planets like Risa to get laid, or get it on with a holocharacter. The closest we ever got to LGBTG was the lesbian kiss between actresses Susana Thompson and Terry Ferrell in the DS9 episode, "Rejoined." In this episode, neither character was gay, Jadzia Dax was at best, bisexual.

But if you think about how many episodes were produced during this period, hundreds, it is surprising that not a single one involved a human gay character. This from a TV franchise that historically had been a trail blazer in terms of showing non-discriminatory attitudes toward people that are "different." In the meantime, we've seen plenty of gay characters, even recurring, regular gay characters on primetime TV sitcoms like Will & Grace. I'd say it is too late for Trek to redeem itself with a gay character now.
It's a shame that it didn't happen sooner and it isn't very "break threw" now but I don't think it's too late.
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