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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
City always gets that top spot.
NOT that I would even want them to mess with Khan...I would rather them mess with Khan than EVER re-do COTEOF...! But don't take that as my permission or blessing to re-do any of the classic episodes of TOS...

Due to the way our local station messed with network programing by running their own stuff, I managed to miss City's original broadcast and never even saw the seasonal re-run of this great episode. It was sever years later that I saw it when it was in syndicated re-runs. One Saturday, 1975 or 76, I just happened on it and luckily from the beginning. In 5 minutes, I knew this one was different, so very different, than the other episodes. By the end, my jaw was hanging.......WOW...! What a great story...! It was, for myself, a perfect balance to "TIY", the first ST I ever saw (and it was in a different city than mine). That episode was so much more than science-fiction of the time or even after. Balance of Terror was another favorite of mine, as was "Space Seed" and WNMHGB, which again, I did not get to see until much later.

My list:
2) TIY
3) BOT
4) SS

Not necessarily in any particular descending rating. It's ALL good.
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