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Thanks for the kind words--and the help with the Defiant deck plans.

The main thing there was getting information. I've had some really bad stalkers from outside of TrekBBS. Being hassled relentlessly by just one person is too much. But when it's several, well, you can imagine. The fewer tormenters, the better. Some expect me to spend lots of money on LCARS development, even though it's freeware.

About advertising, Linux gets financial support from IBM, and Mozilla gets if from Google--not to mention heavy coverage in magazines, etc., etc. I have none of that. It's all out of pocket for equipment and everything else. SourceForge was once good primary advertising for the project, but its system has changed in a way that leads almost no one to the project page.

I was going to say that a link at Ex Astris Scientia would be very helpful, since many people who might be interested in converting an old computer to an LCARS computer visit that sight. I just checked. He did add an LCARS 24 link, but he's got it described as a screensaver rather than an LCARS system, and the link goes to some other Trek site. And, of course, he still hasn't changed the length figure for the Type 10, even though I e-mailed him five months ago with a link to Doug Drexler's own comments on it.
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