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Originally Posted by LCARS 24 View Post
I've quit TrekBBS. Some members have asked me to work on their projects but didn't get nasty about it when I declined. Some others, who are general troublemakers anyway and must just enjoy fighting, seem to follow me around for whatever reason. One, who has hassled me relentlessly about some movie he likes to promote, was clever enough to get into a fight with somebody else on an MSD thread before I had the schematic finished, but I was able to stop that simply by saying that I wouldn't be posting the final version if the thread ended up being closed before I had it ready. He just denied any such intent and stopped fighting with the other guy.

A days ago I PM'd a moderator when I was having trouble with someone else who had been chasing me around for the last couple of years. The moderator explained that just clicking on the Call Moderator button doesn't accomplish anything, that one must submit a report, after which moderators discuss the incident among themselves before deciding on any action. I didn't know that, nor am I up on the fine points of what people can get away with. And I certainly don't want to be bothered. I changed my password and deleted my avatar, signature, and location. I'm out of there. It was a good source of information while it lasted, but that's over.

I've got a couple of schematics almost done, but lately I just haven't been in the mood to finish them up. One was submitted by someone and doesn't need much finish-up. I really should work on that one, but he's patient.

Anyway, there will be more.

I put the Defiant deck plans and the above shuttle schematic on Sci-Fi Meshes after posting them here, but there was only one comment, meaning very little interest.

I urge you to reconsider, sir.
TrekBBS can be a bother and the moderating can be difficult to understand at times because it's fairly liberal but it's a very large source for exposure which is definitely what you want. I've always thought of you like Sternbach and Probert, they never get involved in the petty squabbles like pillars of the community and they treat the board not as stage but as a resource.

You've got to do same.
If you don't want to return then it would be a good idea to go Facebook to make up for the loss.

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