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Originally Posted by canadianrosey View Post
Boosters fall away, external fuel tanks are jettisoned. Tonnage problem solved. I've never heard of a spaceship that needed it's launch system to stay with it in space, just to get it into space where onboard engines and thrusters take over the workload.
Yea, but the remaining tonnage belonging to the BB and it being as big as I figure would have taken a very massive launch system. One that would have dwarfed anything in our world.

I guess the near-equivilant would be a launch system that would take an entire, 3 stage, Saturn V assembly even into LEO.

An even bigger one would be needed to get the ship started into an interplanetary trajectory where the BB's nuclear engines would take over. Darn big and heavy ship IMHO. The crew was in a hurry to get away and possibly out of range of possibly being shot down.

Writing of that episode did not allow taking into account a secret launch of that caliber. Would be like launching a Moon Shot after Apollo 17. Something that big would have also been difficult (impossible) to prepare and hide. (But I am not going to knock the episode. It is one of my favorites...)

It's just realizing the probability of the BB being of such size and a product of the represented 20th century, it being built using those bulky transistor
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