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Originally Posted by canadianrosey View Post
Looks the same as I remembered it, much better remastered.
Anyway, the Botany bay is closer to the viewer than the Enterprise so it would look bigger than it actually is.

Yea, but just rewatching the clip, the BB is almost "cradled under the Starboard Nacelle. Couldn't be too distant. That why I noted it was about the same length and breadth, though not volume, of the secondary hull.

I'll check on the secondary hull dimensions...

Engineering hull
The secondary hull was overall shifted backward (relative to the saucer) and only roughly retained its original shape. While the old one was essentially a conical cylinder (actually without the curvature at its bottom that is visible in some side views), the new one is more rounded, like a wooden vat. The length of the engineering hull has increased from 99m to 111m, its maximum diameter by 4.6m.

I see the length of the BB at slightly smaller than 325'. Still a pretty good size for then perceived 20th century technology. A vehicle that final size being launched into space should have taken quite an impressive launch system to match. Also a lot of dead tonnage for the Enterprise to tractor about.
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