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Default TOS Enterprise in Comparison to Botany Bay:Relative Size?

This might actually be a good one to discuss, but please don't get mad at me for potentially bringing up the actual size of the "E" in any universe. I am just commenting on the relative size of the BB to the "E".

@ 39 seconds I noticed that the BB is nearly the size, at maximum length and width, of the secondary hull, especially in the remastered version. I never really notice that before. I had always "remembered" thinking that somewhere I read that the BB was launched from Earth's (surface?) That was a pretty big ship to surface launch?

Anyway...BB is a lot bigger in either original or remastered than I remembered. Not that I have not watched it several times already...This is the first I've paid attention to her relative size next to the "E". "size" jokes either. Keep it
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