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I believe it was Discovery Channel (or some such like) which recently had a special on "superhumans" and part of it focused on a man who could also raise his core body temperature to battle the effects of extreme cold.

While he didn't dry wet blankets or anything so dramatic, he was scientifically studied and measured while sitting in a tank of near-freezing cold water. Most humans would soon begin shuddering uncontrollably, assuming they didn't jump out immediately do to the intense pain experienced. The scientist said most people would pass out after 10 minutes or so... this guy stayed in about 25 minutes submersed up to his neck. He was cold but in no pain at all. Finally he pulled the plug because he was feeling a bit tingly and, I suspect, was bored.

Also, a man born without eyes draws and paints in startling detail -- another scientist gave him the 'ultimate' test of his ability: to draw the Baptistry in Florence, Italy in its correct visual/graphic perspective. Not only had the man never seen the building before, obviously he's never SEEN before. Yet after having the building described to him and feeling its shape in a walk-around, the guy drew it in remarkably accurate perspective... a task many sighted people get wrong.

Long way of saying: there's a great deal of what we consider "supernatural" which is simply unexplained yet by science. We don't know enough to know we can eventually explain such things upon further study.

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