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I loved the TARDIS-kinda-cameo in ENT's "Future Tense".

I agree with Zim's general idea that the sets look either industrial or flashy but never sci-fi-ish. The idea that engineering is dirty and dark whereas the bridge is tidy and bright, the guts vs. brains approach is fine but not when it comes at the cost of abandoning design coherence. Or to use the nasty f-word, Trek designs have always looked and should always look futuristic and functional.
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I guess that what would work better for me is to return some tactile elements to the bridge. Not necessarily buttons and switches, but at least put some texture into some areas of the panels. Get rid of the abundance of blinky-lights and put in some illumination that would not give some persons seizures. Return to the coherent, futuristic designs that worked within the story, but did not overpower it or leave one wondering if that really a good idea of the future of technology.

Above all...have a well-written, coherent script that could drive the story even if there were fewer explosions.
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