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Originally Posted by Futureguy View Post
.......and apparently the Federation was throwing everything available including the kitchen sink at the Borg. "IF" she was still around and IF restored and in a museum and maneuverable...for my 2 cents, I guess that she would've been there to fight.

1) The Enterprise (TOS Refit) lost in the line of duty.

The Enterprise A took a whooping, but kept on flying for ???. Brought back for decommissioning. Repaired or junked...??? Probably Junked, but hey this is the Enterprise we are talking about...!!!
"Memory Alpha" has a notation stating:
Apocrypha Edit
  • According to the paperwork with the Bandai model kit, the Enterprise-A was mothballed into Memory Alpha's museum fleet.
  • According to William Shatner's novel The Ashes of Eden, The Enterprise-A was sold by Starfleet to the defense forces of the planet Chal, who appointed now-retired James Kirk as its commander. The vessel was later destroyed in the corona of Chal's sun during a battle with Klingon battle cruisers.
So it's just a guess as to what really happened to her...but...I choose the first explanation...

2) What happened to the Enterprise B? Lost/Destroyed in space due to the crew contacting a disease? So what what its demise...officially.....?

3) Enterprise C was lost in battle.

4) Enterprise D (Saucer) crashed due to Warp core breach in Secondary hull.

Would seem a shame for the "A" to have just been junked. History would tend for her to have been lost while under use. IDK
I don't believe that the Enterprise-B was destroyed, rather than lost in space due to contacting a disease. However, if you look at the Memory Alpha article: regarding "B", it says it is still active as of 2293. But, they only go based on what is seen on screen as canon, which I can appreciate. But at the same time, they also consider TAS to be canon as well which is awesome too! I remember I attempted to change the status of the Enterprise-B on Memory and they said for me to change it back. Who knew.
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