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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
This is where I personally would have probably gone out of my way to make sure it clearly was NOT the Ent-A. Just fanboyism at play. Or just not put it in there period.

I can just picture the apoplexy of the TOS based reaction that that was how the TNG makers decided to end the life of the Borg canon fodder.

Bad idea all round, since there were other Connie's on the go.
Ship I saw in the screen shot was banged up pretty bad. (Well looking again, she was pretty much toast as far as the saucer.......)
So It would have been better to leave the "A" as we last saw her going to the scrap heap? (as I assumed she was) The "A" was thought to be no more...
No less canon fodder that any other of the many ships there, as was the "D".

Nope did not have to be the "A" but if you're going to put a CC in there...
I can't be the only one who would have hoped/thought so. Not "fanboyism", just a hopeful chain of thought that would have worked, but did not need to be necessarily that way. The story worked fine as it was. It would have changed the drift of the story at that point. The "A"'s crew sacrificing themselves/the ship for the defense of Earth and the Federation. 'Twas just a thought...
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