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Trek doesn't need identity politics.
Of course I am not opposed to gay characters but their presence doesn't make the story progressive or controversial or whatever. Especially not while EmoSpock and JerkKirk behave like rotten teenagers instead of Starfleet officers.

Let's take "New Voyages - Blood and Fire". It is not a bad story but it is far inferior to any other Trek story I am aware of that has dealt with sex precisely because it treated the issue in a, pardon the pun, straight way and not in sci-fi mode.

@Quark: I totally agree with you about Wars. It's fun and nice to watch but the underlying philosophy is inspired by Buddhist or New Age thinking. Trek on the other hand is basically inspired by progressive-military thinking. None of this "bring balance to the force crap"; while we the Feds want peace and prosperity for everybody we also expect our citizens to excel and if somebody screws with us our tubes are loaded.

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