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And in Blakes 7 too - at least there they made it clear that the teleport bracelets were needed and it often provided convenient fodder for placing characters in peril. I can't fathom why Trek let the genie out of the bottle.

I think in Voyager the interstellar transport was to a corresponding transport station using the planet's energy/atmosphere as a power source to stabilise the beam. I don't see anything wrong with using the energy of an entire planet to move from station to station. Ship to ship though is silly.

The long distance subspace transporter used by the ferengi in TNG is a bit stranger. If the normal transporters didn't use subspace to transmit the signal then your destination could be a year away and I don't see how you can expect that destination to be in the right place by the time you arrive! This is probably the silliest thing about the transport in NuTrek. Even assuming they're using a subspace carrier wave the signal is not instantaneous at longer distances (we might be looking at only a fraction of a second, that's a big margin of error at warp speed). If the Enterprise didn't fly in an absolutely straight line at a precisely constant speed after the moment of transport then the transportees would end up thousands of km off target and who knows how constant warp speed is (many suggesting that it should be dependent on the density of the space you are warping). I realise that Scotty blabbed about how hard it was, but a speeding bullet is travelling WAY slower than a ship at warp. It was basically a death sentence at those distances and only plot conrivance allowed them to get away with it!
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