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A true remastering would involve reassembling and rescanning the original 35mm film elements for HD, as well as creating new special effects specific to that format.

Otherwise you're looking at an upconversion from the SD masters. A professional upconversion would look much better than anything yours or my BluRay player can produce off of DVD, but might not be worth most people's purchase money given the sheer number of episodes/seasons TNG has.

As for a remastering, I can definitely see it. This would take a lot more time and money than remastering TOS, since post-production for TNG was done in SD video. DS9 and VOY, probably not a chance. New effects to rival the original SD templates might be 'easier' or 'harder' to do compared to TOS, for reasons that are too long to get into right now. If they cheap out though, it would be more obvious this time around.

If I were them I would either start with the middle seasons, or prioritize the episodes according to popularity like they did with TOS. Just so the sales more 'accurately' reflect public demand up front, before the project gets aborted mid-series. Going by seasons (3-5, 2, 6, 1, 7) would be my personal preference, since having full season sets allows BluRay to be brought into the equation sooner (as opposed to just iTunes and ****ing 'streaming'; I get really sick of all the "your BluRays are obsolete already; 'streaming' is the future" talk. I will never acknowledge the end of physical media).

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