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From my perspective, looking at these more recent developments, it's clear to me that Paramount seems to be playing a different game with the Star Trek sequel than it has with it's other properties, both past and present, including Trek previously as well - by which I refer to TMP being rushed out in 1979.

Paramount is NOT rushing this film. Not if we're talking probably 2013 now.

And if they really wanted to then they could. The first thing that can be jettisoned in ANY sequel is the writers. The director can even be replaced with relative ease IF a studio wants to get moving quickly with a sequel to a successful film'. And let's remember they staked out the June 29th 2012 date over 18 months ago, but instead they have not forced or made Abrams/the writers do the sequel 'today.

They (the studio) have sat and waited while Abrams went off and spent a year making Super 8. They've let the writers work on some other projects as well. And now, when Abrams now comes in and says essentially 'I'll do it for you...............but I'm not going to do it to the date you (the studio) wants it done for, I'll do it my schedule and my ideas, and if that's late 2012 or 2013 then that's when I'll have it ready', they essentially say 'OK' to him.

If they really just wanted the sequel out to make a cash grab, they could have had it in cinemas this summer by dumping everyone attached to the first and hiring an all-new crew and started production 6 months after the first film came out.

Now, it in part demonstrates the influence Abrams visibly has with Paramount (deservedly or not, he clearly has it, and there are not a lot of directors out there who can tell a studio when they will make one of their next BIG films, even Michael Bay HAD to make Transformers 2 to a Paramount release date deadline, and he has been far more commercially successful than Abrams has been) but to me it also indicates they don't want this particular sequel to be a rush job and to be made in a way that perhaps threatens the final product.

They are taking their time now. This obviously does not mean the sequel WILL be better, but the approach is clearly one of patience and an attempt to do it properly, whenever it arrives.
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