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Originally Posted by jla1987 View Post
Based on the comments, more people want the movie in 2012 and are pissed that this team has taken so long to make it. I don't quite fall into that camp, but damn...there are plenty of unhappy Trekkies.

Speaking of the first film, I tried watching it the other day and (sadly) had to admit it comes across a bit lacking in depth. At least, that's the only way I can describe my feelings. Might be that the excitement has finally wore off or that I'm just now admitting that the movie is almost too fast-paced. Hopefully, JJ can slow things down this time and give us more story and less 'splosions. At this point, I just hope that it doesn't suck whenever it releases.
Well, it's a fine movie but it isn't one for the ages. As Abrams has worked together with Spielberg, somebody who also makes shallow movies but shallow movies that become classics, your hope might get fulfilled.
I personally view the studio's agenda, the success of the first movie and the writers as factors that speak against the second movie being more "meaty" and less "sugary".

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