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Originally Posted by I-Am-Zim View Post
My sentiments exactly. The functionality of the transporter in STXI wasn't even consistent within the movie itself. It couldn't lock onto NuKirk and NuSulu in freefall but could lock onto NuSpock, NuPike, and NuKirk all at the same time even while NuSpock was traveling at ramming speed in the Jellyfish. Yet it couldn't hold a lock on Amanda while she was essentially standing still. And the STXI transporter reminded me of the "digital conveyor" from GQ. Even the controls were similar.
Good examples!
What I was started by is that suddenly this transporter could track moving targets in some of these examples and then it could and then at the End they beam aboard a ship much further away moving faster than ANYTHING that had been transported before...just because of an equation? What happened to the manned element at the end?

Originally Posted by Futureguy View Post
Not wanting to go off on a tangent on previous post. Just making a Python-ish commentary on failures that seemed to work despite the ability of the transporter system at the time to overcome the situation.

The basic premise of the transporter, as well as impulse or warp drive never changed for the worse from one episode to the next in TOS, was expanded upon in TNG, (warp scale changed, for one) but in my opinion, there was an established protocol for transporter capabilities that was ignored in nu-Trek. How about that Amanda could have been hit by debris before transporter took hold? That would have worked and added to the drama. Otherwise the transporter should not have even been "man-rated" as NASA would put it. The whole system seemed too slow and randomly faulted. Checkov should have had a real mental and script dilemma feeling responsible for loosing Amanda, another point that could have added some emotional tension to the crew make-up. Spock could have had it in for Checkov which would have been overcome by a "logical" assessment of the situation that they ALL have to work together to save the ship and universe.


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