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…not to mention the fact that RED SHIRT thought he was God's gift to the Federation and jeopardised the mission by getting himself killed. Was he trying to prove to Kirk and co that he had balls but no brains… or did he suffer from lack of air due to a suit malfunction?

On the subject of the Transporter its a magical device pure and simple, ready to do what the writers called for.
Battlefield conditions.......Red Shirt was just a bit (over-zealous?) in trying to get the job done and pressed certain limitations to the "jump". They were descending at a fast rate...speed of sound? He did not suddenly decide that he could defy the laws of physics and make an accurate jump by ignoring protocol. He just "ScrewDD the Pooch". The red shirt did not help

Yes, but there were generalities of how it operated in TOS that though the writers would incorporate failure into it's operation. I never saw it being as difficult to operate as in STXI, where, if it were to be safe for "biological life-forms" it would have to be a lot more redundant and dependable than it was portrayed in STXI. Even "Enterprise" recognized the then limitations of the transporter and at first did not officially rate it safe for living for instance. Her captain only used it for himself as a last ditch effort. The system was either going to work, for him, or not. That reference, as in TOS and later never used the premise that.......OMG! I don't think the computer could do with the transporter what I'm about to do with it on manual operation and then nearly or partially (fail several times.) Software/programs would have to be "fixed" for improved reliability of the system. To go into a battle condition with something that prone to programing limitations would be lame. They were close to the pooch and even stepped on it.......until the new (Scotty's) programing was incorporated into the equipment.

Heck, my smart phone GPS gets a better "lock" on me than STXI's transporter did on Amanda. It should have had a caveat' of not being rated for such uses. It was just too slow and seemingly cumbersome for use in such circumstances.

I did keep waiting on TOS to figure out that the transporter could have been used as a means to deliver a weapon just as easily as beaming all the tribbles over to the Klingon ship. I doubt that STXI's transporters could have handled that
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