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My sentiments exactly. The functionality of the transporter in STXI wasn't even consistent within the movie itself. It couldn't lock onto NuKirk and NuSulu in freefall but could lock onto NuSpock, NuPike, and NuKirk all at the same time even while NuSpock was traveling at ramming speed in the Jellyfish. Yet it couldn't hold a lock on Amanda while she was essentially standing still. And the STXI transporter reminded me of the "digital conveyor" from GQ. Even the controls were similar.
The one really good time I appreciated the transporter "malfunctioning" was in "The Enemy Within", where a given reason for malfunction was introduced, the other.....make that two, two good examples of problems, was in "The Doomsday Machine", then there was a third.....three, make that three good examples of problems, maybe a fourth.....yes a fourth, make that four good examples after "Mirror, Mirror" aired.

The problems were environmental, not man-created, as most of the actual transport, by necessity, seemed to be computer controlled with the operator merely setting the dial/slides to transport out or in. Though in TMP, the transporter wasn't "smart" enough to sense an impending problem and shut the thing down before transport or offer a "fail-safe" secondary means of completing the process. What happened to redundancy of systems at Starfleet? lol
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