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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
The whole transport thing in this movie made so much less sense. It's like playing a video game that forces you to aim rockets from an Apache manually when in real life you know there is radar and tracking to make sure that warhead gets to target. What kind of advanced society puts the fate of peoples lives in this sort of aim and shoot target lock? I thought I was watching Galaxy Quest for most of the movie and I don't think that's a bad description. GQ made fun of contrivances but 2009 actually used them seriously in the same way....It's like parody but ...not....but is...
My sentiments exactly. The functionality of the transporter in STXI wasn't even consistent within the movie itself. It couldn't lock onto NuKirk and NuSulu in freefall but could lock onto NuSpock, NuPike, and NuKirk all at the same time even while NuSpock was traveling at ramming speed in the Jellyfish. Yet it couldn't hold a lock on Amanda while she was essentially standing still. And the STXI transporter reminded me of the "digital conveyor" from GQ. Even the controls were similar.
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