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Originally Posted by brobertsumc View Post
In ST09 the issue is that the TARGET is traveling at warp. In "Tomorrow is Yesterday" the SENDER is traveling at warp, but the target is almost stationary in comparison (and not inside a warp bubble). The two scenarios are reversed. I suppose you could therefore reconcile the two by stating that the problem of "trans-warp beaming" involves beaming ONTO an object that is at warp.
Also though, the sender is traveling, at warp, across time as well as space. Not only did they, in TIY, transport Capt. Christopher back to a place, they had to nail the exact time also. Up to that point the consideration of transporting in those extreme set of conditions had never been encountered. At the speed the Enterprise was traveling at the point C. Christopher was beamed to earth, the transporter range, relative to the Enterprise's speed and being "close enough" to earth to successfully transport, also should have been a no-go if STXI's transporters had been used before the "upgrade" they got during the movie.

His molecules were in danger of being spread over time, as well as space, because of the rapidness of the moving through time as well as space, and in a warp bubble at that, but they (TOS) did it without a blink. So essentially the transporter system and program used to run it were seemingly more advanced and established than STXI's.

There, in STXI, it was an effort even to lock on and transport a single person, to the detriment of Spock's mother. Almost like this technology was fairly new to this universe.
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